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Turn Your Phone Into Cash

Purchase of Pre-Owned Goods from Individuals & Companies

Thank you for engaging with us!
Please note the terms of our Pre-Owned ‘Buy-Back’ program:
  • You contact us via our website ( or e-mail or WhatsApp
  • We will receive your device after it has been either delivered or collected by a courier.
  • We will send it for assessment and quote for repair (if required). A full status report will be generated.
  • We will advise you of the cost to repair and the cost to bring your device to ‘Ready-For-Sale’. (We may have to purchase a box, charger & cable)
  • We will advise on the proposed listing price which you will have to approve in writing.
  •  Once the unit is sold, you will receive the Net Profit less all costs including fees:

             i.    Repair costs (if incurred)
            ii.    If the unit is sold via Bid orBuy, or another portal, then those fees will be deducted before the payout is calculated
           iii.    Our success fee of 30% after fees and disbursements

  • Once we send you the payout amount, we will also send a VAT264 which you will need to fully complete and send us in order to receive your payment.
  • Alternatively, you can provide us with a Vat invoice for the amount due (from a VAT registered company)
  •  If you decide not to sell the device through NextBuy post us repairing and assessing the device, we will charge an admin fee of R200.00 ex vat and excl. the courier / transport fees incurred.
  • By signing this document, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions laid out above.